Vare Recreation Center

Vare Recreation Center

The site includes basketball courts, playing fields, recreation building, play space, and is home to the community’s beloved gymnastics & football teams. MTWB’s community engagement has included design activities, the Vare Studio Yearbook & relationship building through visits to practices and programs. Construction began this spring on the ‘new’ Vare. Completion is expected Summer of 2024.

Vare Studio Yearbook

A research & archiving project with TILT and Monument Lab to collect, preserve & share photographic & oral histories from Vare Recreation Center.

Community Plaza

A staging area for events and performances by community groups.


A brand new state of the art facility for the legendary Vare Gymnastics Team.
Picture of RBP Basketball Courts Before Construction
New RBP play structures after construction
Years as a dedicated public playground
Investment through Philadelphia’s Rebuild Initiative
Community member interviews recorded for the Vare Studio Yearbook Research & Archiving Project
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