Connor and the MTWB team at the Waterloo Playground groundbreaking

Our Mission

Make The World Better connects people and inspires stewardship through public space revitalization projects. MTWB believes that communities prosper when all people have access to high-quality public spaces that provide safe outlets for recreation, sports, and arts-based activities.
We design with and for the community.
We believe community-based redevelopment projects have a unique ability to strengthen neighborhoods by creating a sense of ownership over public spaces. We engage residents in all phases of a project, from concept to construction to ongoing programming and upkeep.

Our Story

Connor Barwin and his mom founded the Make The World Better Foundation (MTWB) in 2013 during his first season playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.

MTWB’s first two park revitalization projects were executed in partnership with Urban Roots, a Philly-based nonprofit focused on mentoring youth. Urban Roots founder Jeffrey Tubbs, a longtime Philadelphia resident and real estate developer, had a proven track record of responsible, environmentally sustainable and inclusive real estate projects. Overtime, this partnership grew stronger, and ultimately Jeff and Connor decided the organizations should merge with Jeff becoming a Co-Founder at MTWB.

What We Do

Our Partners

MTWB brings together the resources of city government, institutions, professional sports franchises, foundations, local businesses, community members and more to revitalize public spaces.

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