Jeff Tubbs


Jeffrey has always believed in giving back to the community through his business and charitable endeavors.  In 2008, Tubbs founded Urban Roots, with the mission to enhance real estate development projects through youth mentoring, community engagement, and public art. In 2018, Urban Roots merged with MTWB after 4 years of collaboration which resulted in multiple transformative park revitalization projects. 

Today, Tubbs continues to take on socially impactful development projects through his real estate development company, JDT International.  Tubbs and partners have also created an apprentice program, Urban Roots Unites Partners (URUP), providing employment and equitable ownership in projects for underrepresented minority individuals. Tubbs holds a Masters in City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania, he is a Board Member of ACE Mentor Program, and is a member of both the Urban Land Institute as well as the Building Industry Association of Philadelphia.