About Us

About Us

We believe community-based redevelopment projects have a unique ability to strengthen neighborhoods by creating a sense of ownership over public spaces. We engage residents in all phases of a project, from concept to construction to ongoing programming and upkeep. We design with and for the community—pushing beyond typical play space design: we’ve built community garden plots and a media lab; we have painted murals and all of our projects have included green stormwater infrastructure.

Mission & Vision

Make The World Better connects people and inspires stewardship through public space revitalization projects. We envision a world where all people are empowered to make an impact on their communities.


Founder & President

Connor Barwin is the Founder and Board President of the Make The World Better Foundation. He retired after a successful ten year career in 2019 and now serves as Special Assistant to the General Manager for the Philadelphia Eagles. He was drafted by the Houston Texans in ’09 in the second round and played for...



Jeffrey has always believed in giving back to the community through his business and charitable endeavors.  In 2008, Tubbs founded Urban Roots, with the mission to enhance real estate development projects through youth mentoring, community engagement, and public art. In 2018, Urban Roots merged with MTWB after 4 years of collaboration which resulted in multiple...

The Team

Meet the team members behind MTWB’s community engagement and park revitalization work!


The following resources are tools that help to advance MTWB’s mission and increase our impact. Guided by these and other resources, we are able to build and sustain strong relationships with many of our city agency partners and community groups. These tools are available to local residents to help guide them in building stronger communities.

  • Philadelphia Park Friends Group Toolkit

    Park Friends Groups are community-led groups established to support and advocate for a specific park within Philadelphia Parks & Recreation’s system. Local parks are made stronger by the advocacy, programming, fundraising and stewardship efforts led by these Friends Groups around the city. This resource will help anyone starting a new Friends Group or working to strengthen an existing one. Friends Groups pertain to PPR sites where no full-time staff are present.

  • Philadelphia Advisory Council Manual

    The network of Philadelphia Advisory Councils serve in a city-wide partnership between local parks and playgrounds, and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. Individual Advisory Councils work with staff at their home playground to assist in programming, fundraising, special events, maintenance, and physical improvements. Advisory Councils pertain to PPR sites that are staffed either full or part-time.

  • Reduce Stormwater Runoff

    In the Philadelphia area, stormwater runoff is the number one cause of pollution to rivers and streams, the source of our drinking water.  PWD is working to mitigate this issue through their Green City, Clean Waters initiative. From parks, to businesses, to residences, there is something we can all do to to decrease stormwater runoff in Philadelphia.

  • PHL Crime Mapper

    The PHL Crime Mapper is a tool developed with crime statistics from the Philadelphia Police Department. This interactive map allows users to draw a line around specific areas in Philly to track crime over the last three years.

  • Civic Infrastructure

    In the coming years, the City of Philadelphia’s Rebuild Initiative will rebuild its civic assets with a $500M investment in libraries, recreation centers and parks. The Civic Infrastructure Report is a research study on the challenges and opportunities the City will face as it embarks on this large-scale investment.

  • Philadelphian Rain Check Program

    One way local residents can decrease their stormwater runoff and help PWD meet the goals of Green City, Clean Waters is with the use of a rain barrel installed at home. Qualifying residents can receive a free rain barrel from PWD.

  • Reduce Your Water Bill

    Philadelphia Water’s mission is to provide ALL Philadelphians with access to clean and safe water. If you are struggling to pay your water bill PWD has a Customer Assistance Program to help you reduce your water bill.

  • Rebuild

    Rebuilding Community Infrastructure (Rebuild) is a program that will invest $500M to revitalize neighborhood parks, recreation centers, playgrounds, and libraries across the city over the next few years. MTWB is among the list of 21 first round Project Users selected to help implement the program.